Kern Energy Raters is a complete solution for HERS Rating.

You may have been told you need HERS verifications completed before your installation or construction permit can be signed-off. We can help!
Our HERS Raters take the frustration out of completing these tasks.

CF-1R Certificate

This certificate informs the building department what you are planning to install. Contact us to create this form for change-outs and alterations.
(We take care of this free of charge!)

CF-2R Certificate

This certificate is to be filled out by the installing contractor. It shows the results of testing that has been performed either by the installer or HERS Rater.
(We take care of this free of charge!)

CF-3R Certificate

This certificate has the final results of all tests performed by the HERS Rater and can only be completed by a certified HERS Rater.
(Included in the price of every test performed!)

CalCERTS Registration

This is the first step that every company & individual needs to take to initiate the HERS Rating process.

Clicking here will take you to our step by step instructions on registering with CalCERTS as a Builder.

Clicking here will take you to our step by step instructions on registering with CalCERTS as a Installer.

Clicking here will take you to our step by step instructions on registering with CalCERTS as a Homeowner.

Why Choose Us?

1. Same day or next day tests always possible

Taking care of our customers is top priority! We schedule projects with urgency. Our mission, from day one, has been to schedule, test and complete every project as efficiently as possible.

2. We contact and coordinate everything

Why worry yourself or your company about scheduling and timelines? We know it’s not easy taking care of the small items when running a business. Kern Energy Raters takes care of all communications & appointments.

3. We complete all paperwork for installers & builders

Some HERS Raters will require you to complete paperwork for every project before supplying your certifications. We complete all paperwork on every job every time!

4. We are able to complete all paperwork by next day

Given the information we need, we can complete your HERS paperwork within one business day. Final inspections are a huge concern when completing a project, we understand this. Without fast turnover of certifications, final inspections can fail, deadlines can be missed and payments postponed. Avoid any complications during the completion of your project!

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